Orbetello Offspring

Orbetello was bred lightly during his long show career. His offspring are already impressing with their trainability, athleticism, and jumping ability.

Orbetellina CR

OBETELLINA CR (Orbetello-Canja/Crassus) 2009, mare. Orbetellina was bred by Orbetello’s breeder Georg Clausen, Germany. She has been shown in the 1m35 jumpers by Selina Köhl and by Fanz-Josef Dahlman, both of Germany.


2014 Belgian Warmblood Mare by Orbetello

ORBELLA (Orbetello-Arcati/Alcatraz) 

Orbella is a lovely bay filly with an excellent temperament who resembles her beautiful and talented father Orbetello. She is brave with a naturally well-balanced mind and a rhythmical way of going. Orbella flats quite nicely and jumps with pleasure and a positive learning attitude. She has shown us that she is consistent whether in the outdoor arena or on a sloping field under the sale of both pro and amateur riders. Orbella is easy to handle in every way. SBS Registered. She now enjoys life in California with her new owner.

Joie de Vivre

2015 Belgian Mare by Orbetello

Joie (Orbetello-Arcati/Alcatraz) is a sweet, lovely dark bay mare with good movement. She flats and jumps very nicely. She is willing and enjoys work. She is careful. We have done simple gymnastics and jumping with her, emphasizing straightness and even rhythm. She has been to the Kentucky Horse Park several times and adapted well to the exercise ring above the Rolex Arena. Her chrome is more than physical flash. SBS Registered.