Breeding Information

Orbetello is a 2003 Oldenburg stallion
Approved OHBS/GOV, Hanoverian (AHS and HV), Rhinelander, sBs
Height: 16.2 hands
Bred by Georg Clausen, Germany


Nefista van de Ruitershoeve
Landgraf I
Wildrose II
Jenna van’t Peerdhof
Ladykiller xx
Haupstutbuch Warthburg
Cor de la Bryère
Zuchtbuch Kletterose

Orbetello’s strong pedigree endowed him with the inherent qualities necessary to perform at the top level of the sport of showjumping. His sire is the BWP Ambassador stallion Orlando. Orlando is known not only in the showjumping arena but for producing excellent jumpers and breed show champions. Also prominent in Orbetello’s sire line is the famous Heartbreaker, a Keur stallion who has produced numerous offspring jumping at the upper levels as well as several approved sons including the 2006 Belgian Stallion Selection Champion Dulf Van Den Bisschop. He also sired the record-breaking sale foal at the 2021 Fences Elite Foal Auction in France, High Level Devil Z (€145,000). Heartbreaker is one of the leading stallions on the Dutch and Belgian jumping indexes. Further tracing the sire line is Darco, who was voted best sire in the world four years in a row, and produced over 3,000 foals in his breeding career. Darco’s showjumping career included the Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games and countless World Cups and international events with rider Ludo Philippaerts. Nimmerdor is also on Orbetello’s sire line. He is known as the KWPN Sire of the Century for his showjumping prowess as well as his many offspring who made their marks in both the jumping and dressage arenas.

Orbetello’s damline is no less impressive. He is out of the Holsteiner mare Landkind who descends from Landgraf I by the legendary Ladykiller xx. Ladykiller is known as the most influential Thoroughbred stallion in the history of German sporthorse/showjumping breeding and was the founder of the Holsteiner L-line. He sired 35 licensed sons including the famous Holsteiners Landgraf and Lord. Landgraf I is symbolized as the modern Holsteiner Sport Horse and performance sire. Landkind’s damline traces to Cor de la Bryere the Selle Francais stallion known as the “Reserve Stallion of the Century,” second only to Landgraf I. He was especially influential as a sire with 85 approved sons and 86 SPS mares. His offspring, especially when crossed the Hosteiner, Hanoverian and Oldenburg breeds, are a who’s who of showjumping success.

Orbetello at the Hanoverian inspection, August 2021

Top Qualities

Orbetello, a world-class competitor, is affiliated with the Oldenburg studbook (GOV). Following his retirement, prior to his trip to Bridlewood Farm, he was examined by a veterinarian/showjumping rider who proclaimed him in great condition and sound. At 18 years of age, having successfully competed at the 1m60 level, it is a tribute to his outstanding conformation that he is perfectly sound and in great condition, with no history of soft tissue or orthopedic issues. Orbetello’s superior performances under different riders during his highly successful career speak well of his willing temperament and exemplary rideability. Orbetello possesses excellent jumping technique and scope, athletic type, and most importantly an uncomplicated temperament. As a sire, he readily passes on these traits to his offspring making him a wise choice as the sire of your future champions!

Hanoverian Approval

Orbetello was presented to the American Hanoverian Society in August 2021 and approved with terrific scores. The approval means he is accepted for AHS, the German Hanoverian Verband, and the American Rhinelander Association. Thank you to Barbara Schmidt, DVM, of Bridlewood Farm, for presenting him!

CEM (Contagious Equine Metritis): Negative
EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis): Negative
WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome): Pending

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